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French Products and Companies to Boycott 
(I will miss Jamesons and Wild Turkey, but Glenlevit is only good for cleaning brushes anyway)

The following companies are subject to boycott:

* Air France. Air Liquide. Airbus. Alcatel. Allegra (allergy medication). Aqualung (including: Spirotechnique, Technisub, US Divers, and SeaQuest). AXA Advisors
* Bank of the West (owned by BNP Paribas). Beneteau (boats). BF Goodrich (owned by Michelin). BIC (razors, pens and lighters). Biotherm (cosmetics). Black Bush. Bollinger (champagne).
* Car & Driver Magazine. Cartier. Chanel. Chivas Regal (scotch). Christian Dior. Club Med (vacations). Culligan (owned by Vivendi).
* Dannon (yogurt and dairy foods). DKNY. Dom Perignon. Durand Crystal
* Elle Magazine. Essilor Optical Products. Evian.
* Fina gas stations and Fina Oil (billions invested in Iraqi oil fields). First Hawaiian Bank.
* George Magazine. Givenchy. Glenlivet (scotch).
* Hennessy. Houghton Mifflin (books). Jacobs Creek (owned by Pernod Ricard since 1989). Jameson (whiskey).
* Jerry Springer (talk show)
* Krups (coffee and cappuccino makers).
* Lancome. Le Creuset (cookware). L'Oreal (health and beauty products). Louis Vuitton.
* Marie Claire. Martel Cognac. Maybelline. Méphisto (shoes and clothes). Michelin (tires and auto parts). Mikasa (crystal and glass). Moet (champagne). Motel 6. Motown Records. MP3.com. Mumms (champagne).
* Nissan (cars; majority owned by Renault). Nivea. Normany Butter.
* Parents Magazine. Peugeot (automobiles). Pierre Cardin. Playstation Magazine. ProScan (owned by Thomson Electronics, France). Publicis Group (including Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising).
* RCA (televisions and electronics; owned by Thomson Electronics). Red Magazine. Red Roof Inns (owned by Accor group in France). Renault (automobiles). Road & Track Magazine. Roquefort cheese (all Roquefort cheese is made in France). Rowenta (toasters, irons, coffee makers, etc.). Royal Canadian.
* Salomon (skis). Sierra Software and Computer Games. Smart & Final. Sofitel (hotels, owned by Accor). Sparkletts (water, owned by Danone). Spencer Gifts. Sundance Channel.
* Taylor Made (golf). Technicolor. T-Fal (kitchenware). Total gas stations.
* UbiSoft (computer games). Uniroyal. Universal Studios (music, movies and amusement parks; owned by Vivendi-Universal). USFilter.
* Veritas Group. Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Vittel. Vivendi.
* Wild Turkey (bourbon). Woman's Day Magazine.
* Yoplait (The French company Sodiaal owns a 50 percent stake).
* Yves Saint Laurent.
* Zodiac Inflatable Boats.

P.S.: Thanks to GOP lawmakers, cafeterias in the U.S. House of Representatives will today start offering "freedom fries" instead of you know what.

Send a message to France that will not be forgotten!

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Social Security:

Change our politicians retirement to this, then watch it improve.  The check is in the mail!! (This week)    RETURN to top









Leeches etc.:

These people have no desire to work for a living, but prefer to reap their wealth from others misfortune.  Divorce lawyers, and other racketeering individuals are at the top of this list.  If there is a buck to be found, they will dig it up.  I don't think that this is what some of our finer institutions of  higher education had in mind when they graduated these people, but as fate would have it, that is what they start the evolutionary chain as.  After years of bilking society on a small scale they become more and more involved in Special Interest Groups (SIG) and transcend to the next level of absurdity, Politicians.  Politicians really believe that they could help the cause and change the world.  The only problem is that they keep us uninformed of what the cause really is, and the change will happen, even if it is for the worse for the average citizen, but laces the pockets of the SIG hierarchy.  This brings into the picture the Extortionist, which in most cases is an analogy for any of the above mention people.

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Save The ( see list below ):

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Don't forget to SAVE The SOAPBOXES.

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Sexual Preference:

I prefer sex, other than that, it's NONE of your business and your preferences are NONE of mine!

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