Níl aon tintéan mar do thintéan féin.
(There's no place like Home.)

Welcome to my Page.

This is my Family's genealogy site, with some Celtic, Gaelic and Irish links added.  To the left you will see the index which starts with the Genealogy section.  This is where you will find my family information (Surnames) and various links that I use for research. My extended family hails from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, so there is a wide variety of surnames here.  There are 13 generations  from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Click here to learn about where I live, Milford, New Hampshire. Next is the Celtic, Gaelic and Irish section containing links to other Clans,  information about the Clan ÓDochartaigh.  The Awards section contains the awards that have been given to to me for this site, "Thank You" to all involved.   The remaining sections are basically entertaining, with the exception of some boring information found in my resume (maybe that contains some humor too).  Enjoy, and stop by often, I do update it.

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